por que se desentierra la verdad?

Author: Gerardo Taber /

La arqueologia no solo se trata de estudiar los fenomenos del pasado, de buscar los tesoros, "las arcas perdidas" sino támbien de observarnos a nosotros mismos, observar la naturaleza humana la cual es la misma desde el comienzo de la civilización, es desmitificar discursos baratos para acceder al verdadero conocimiento de la sociedad actual y entender el lugar en donde estamos parados, entender que somos parte de un proceso social y cultural que tiene un devenir continuo en el tiempo.


Mauricio Angulo S. said...

Bienvenido a la blogósfera, mi estimado Dr. Jones. Ojalá se pueda leerte con frecuencia!

Anonymous said...

Hola Arqueologo, y hablando de Arcas perdidas, que piensas sobre esto:

Adventurers, Archaeologists and Researchers continue to ask,
"Where is the Lost Ark of the Covenant?"
By: Richard M. Fales, Ph.D.

Archaeology has confirmed that Sheshonk I (c. 945-924 BC) is the "Shishak" of the Old Testament (I Kings 14:25-28; II Chronicles 12:2-12). At ancient Thebes on the south eastern bank of the Nile, there exists on a wall in a partially ruined Karnak Temple, a relief which tells the story of Sheshonk's raid on Palestine. He is the first Pharaoh mentioned by name in the Old Testament. Pharaoh was believed, by the Egyptians, to be god on earth, the physical presence of Amen-Ra and Horus (deities of the sun). Sheshonk I was a Libyan prince by descent, and his Libyan successors were to rule Egypt for over two centuries.

Solomon, King of the Jews had died, and with him the unity of Israel. The Jewish nation split into two Kingdoms. Ten of the original twelve tribes of Israel, formed a new government in northern Palestine, becoming the new nation of Israel, which made a new secret alliance with one of the super powers of the day, the Egyptians. In the south, the remaining two tribes, Judah and Benjamin, became the nation of Judah under Rehoboam, King Solomon's son. No longer was Egypt ruled from Thebes in the south or from Memphis in the Delta. This new Pharaoh, Sheshonk, ruled from Tanis in the northern Egyptian Delta. It was here that he amassed his army and prepared, in C. 925, to attack Rehoboam's tiny Kingdom of Judah. For days the soldiers of the 22nd dynasty poured into the Delta. Standards of red, blue, green or white in the shape of fans, ostrich feathers, solar boats, Egyptian gods, lotus and papyri plants were carried at the lead of charioteers, archers, spearmen and swordsmen. Surrounding the commander and chief, were standards with two magical oval shaped designs (the cartouches) containing, in the finest hieroglyphic hand, the names of his majesty, King of Kings, Bull of Bulls, the god-man, sent from Amen-Ra himself, Sheshonk the First, founder of the 22nd Egyptian Dynasty. Seeing that the time was right, a serious weakening of the Israelite tribes by division of the Monarchy and noting the situation was further accentuated by the exhausting wars between the separate Israeli Kingdoms, Sheshonk launched a full scale invasion in the fifth year of Rehoboam.

Pharaoh's well oiled fighting machine moved into southern Judah, grinding up each city in its path as it closed in on Sheshonk's main prey - Jerusalem! Winding their way through the Judean hills, watchmen on the northeastern Jerusalem walls could see in the distance a huge cloud of dust rising from the wheels of 1,200 chariots, followed by 6,000 horseman and by an infantry so large the Bible describes it as "people without number who came with him out of Egypt--the Lubim (Lybia) and the Sukkiim and the Ethiopians. (II Chronicles 12:3). In a matter of hours the Egyptians hit Jerusalem from the north. After a severe struggle, the Egyptians army scaled the Jerusalem walls, ransacked the Temple of God, and plundered King Solomon's palace. Then as quickly as they had come, Sheshonk's troops departed the Holy City carrying the campaign northward through Judah, even into the border regions of Israel, home of the Ten Tribes.

Why had Sheshonk I waged such a desperate campaign against Israel, a nation with which Egypt has secret alliance? Pharoah had desperate need of financial backing. For years, he had heard stories of the tremendous wealth of Solomon and great wealth amassed in the Temple treasury. History has recorded that in just one raid on Jerusalem, Sheshonk stole enough gold and silver from the palace of Solomon and the Temple which Solomon constructed, to finance his twenty-second Egyptian dynasty for two hundred years!

Now the question that many archaeologists, treasure-seekers, researchers, and Hollywood screen writers, have tried to answer is: Since Sheshonk stole the gold shields of Solomon, the wealth of Solomon's palace and the accumulated wealth of Solomon's Temple, did he steal the Golden Ark of God too?

I believe the answer is to be found in archaeological and historical records. Let us note two facts--one, is the excavation of the tomb of Sheshonk I. The second is that history verifies the sacred objects of the Temple such as the Golden Table of Shewbread, the Golden Menorah, and the Golden Alter of Incense, were somehow overlooked by Pharaoh and his men.

In 1938-39, archaeologists were heavily at work at Tanis, headquarters of Sheshonk I, founder of the 22nd Dynasty. It is at Tanis that the only other intact royal burials have been found. Geography had, like at Thebes, affected the type of tombs excavated at Tanis. The land area is low and the water table very high. Shallow land excavation work in the Delta will always produce water without digging down very far. This condition forced ancient Egyptian tomb architects and builders of the 21st and 22nd Dynasties to construct burial places for the Royal dead above ground in simple stone structures. Modern archaeologist call this type of tomb a MASTABA. A "mastaba" was a rectangular structure with slightly sloping walls. The super structure was originally solid over an underground burial chamber - in later times it was honeycombed with highly decorated rooms. Often people imagine Egyptian Pharaohs buried beneath great pyramids - this is an erroneous misconception. It must be remembered that King Tut was buried beneath a mastaba tomb structure.

During the late 1930's and early 1940's, the Royal tombs of Tanis were uncovered. The walls of Sheshonk's mastaba was in places some 58 1/2 feet thick and constructed of mud brick. In this rare find was Sheshonk I, along with several other mummies, including the mummy of a son of Sheshonk I, the noble Prince Harnakht. Their coffins were of solid silver, some falcon headed, other human-headed. Remember, silver at this time was still more precious than gold. There were fine gold and silver vessels, solid gold collars, a marvelous collection of jewelry: bracelets, ear rings, pectorals, girdles, and amulets. Then in the style of King Tutankhamen, Sheshonk I was outfitted with a solid mask of gold! But it is to be noted: there was no sign of Solomon's Ark of God!

Another powerful fact that gives witness against Sheshonk I removing the Ark as well as the other fantastic treasures from the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies in the Jerusalem Temple is the inscription of Sheshonk carved on the walls of the Temple of Amen-Ra at Karnak(ancient Thebes). It is a well known fact that the Egyptian Pharaohs were incredible braggers, liars and communicators of the greatest fish stories of all time! If they lost a battle, somehow it was never told exactly like that. Any information that related defeat was somehow reinterpreted to give the reader the impression of victory. If the Egyptians had truly taken the Ark back to Tanis as some want to believe or any of the other great trophies of the Hebrew Temple were removed, Sheshonk's PR agent would have blasted the story all over the walls of the Karnak Temple in the most glamorous hieroglyphic verbiage the priests of Amen could have imagined. If the Ark of the Covenant had been taken by the Egyptians, this triumph would have been attributed to the god Amen-Ra and its theft would most certainly have been given coverage in this most climactic defeat over the Hebrew people and their God, Jehovah!

So, the treasure hunt goes on. Where is the lost Ark?


The Ark is a small box made of acacia (setim) wood and overlaid with gold. It measures 1.15 meters long, 0.7 meters wide and 0.7 meters high (two cubits and a half in length, a cubit and a half in breadth, and a cubit and a half in height). Upon the top (kapporet) are two cherubim of beaten gold, looking towards each other, and spreading their wings so that both sides of the propitiatory were covered. Contained in the crate with it are two long poles made of the same acacia (setim) wood, also overlaid with gold. It is said to contain the two tablets of the Ten Commandments. Aaron's Rod, and the Golden Pot of Manna.

Ling. Elizabeth Escalona

David said...

La arqueología, como disciplina científica, se construye a partir de un número indefinido de materiales (niveles, erosiones, solifluxiones, raederas, bifaces, escápulas grabadas, fémures quemados, hachas pulidas, hogares...mínimamente conceptualizados y clasificados) y las relaciones que se puedan establecer, a través del sujeto operatorio(el arqueólogo/os), entre algunos de ellos. Desde este punto de vista, la arqueología no tendría objeto de estudio sino un campo plural de materiales pero específico. Sólo desde una concepción un tanto romántica y metafísica de la arqueología se puede interpretar ésta como la disciplina encargada de "observar la naturaleza humana la cual es la misma desde el comienzo de la civilización", y ello sin entrar a debatir que tal propósito (propio de un discurso sofista en la entrega de un premio) se mantendría antes en un terreno intencional que efectivo. La práctica diária (y científica) de los arqueólogos lo demuestra (análisis radiométricos, sedimentológicos, estadísticos, estilísticos...). Ahora bien, la arqueología nos enseña que la naturaleza humana (una idea confusa y claramente metafísica)es plural y variopinta (si entendemos por humano algo más que nuestra mera pertenencia a la especie homo sapiens sapiens). Es más el individuo, un concepto relativamente reciente, sólo cobra identidad en el seno de un grupo, grupos que por otra parte no viven siempre en paz y armonía sino en conflicto. Estos grupos o culturas se han desarrollado a lo largo de la prehistoria/historia y con ellos la naturaleza humana no sólo se ha multiplicado sino que ha dado origen a conflictos entre ellas. ¿cómo se podría ser a la vez caníbal y vegetariano, musulmán, católico y ateo, anarquista, socialista, fascista, griego y azteca? ¿No es precisamente la adscripción a un grupo cultural el que nos define como cristianos, ateos, adoradores de Mitra, practicantes de la lapidación o la ablación o colaboradores en ONG? Sólo desde planteamientos rousseaunianos se puede defender un homme sauvage más "puro y natural" que el actual. El problema reside en que el homme sauvage de Rousseau no es hombre aún, a lo sumo es el antropopiteco de Gabriel de Mortillet. Una labor importante de la arqueología, aunque ni mucho menos la exclusiva, es la desmitificación de ciertos discursos presentes no tanto en la sociedad como en la profesión, y por ello me he aventurado a contestar tu artículo. Conviene tener presente que una cosa es el finis operis y otra el fines operantis. Un saludo

Anonymous said...

I have a website that may be of some interest to some of your readers. Within the pages of the Bible, you will find numerous passages pertaining to Egypt and Egyptian rulers. I have done and extensive study on the genealogy of the Bible and created a database that contains the information of every individual mentioned. I used numerous other history sites to compile and expand the information of the surrounding areas at the time of each Bible character. You will be able to see all the Egyptian dynasties, Babylonians, Assyrians, Sumerians and many more. If you are interested, you can find this information at http://www.BibleFamilyTree.com.

Anonymous said...

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