Una obra maestra: Conan the Barbarian. The Musical.

Author: Gerardo Taber /

Este es uno de los mejores videos con los que me he topado desde hace mucho tiempo. Arnold Schwarzenegger Interpreta: "Crom!"

Les dejo la letra para que la canten al unisono. Creo que el estribillo es de lo mejor; puede entonarse en una taberna: ¡Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women¡ ¡¡Hear the lamentation of the women¡¡

Another day, 
Walking in circles 
Haunted by memories, I push on this wheel. 
I pray to Crom 
Grant me revenge 
And help me to answer the riddle of steel.

A shy little boy, 
I couldn't protect them 
Helpless and timid, as weak as a girl. 
They butchered my people, the dogs ate my father 
My mother beheaded, they took my whole world.

Crom, where is the wizard who killed my mother? 
Still, I can recall his terrible gaze.
Crom, where are the two snakes facing each other? 
Crom, if you're my god then show me the way.

I'm on the path, chopping up bodies 
Hacking and slicing, and look at me now. 
With loyal friends joining my party 
Each step I take I'm fulfilling my vow.

Crush your enemies, 
See them driven before you, 
And hear the lamentation of the women! 


Crom, show me the wizard who killed my mother. 
True I've never prayed to you before. 
Still, what would I give if you could help me see this through? 
And if you do not listen, then the hell with you! 

Crom, where are the two snakes facing each other? 
Crom, if you're my god then show me the way. 
Anyaaah, gnyaaaaahyaaaayaaaaa Yaaaaa ah aaaah ahhh

I swear this wizard will fall 'cause 
This has begun 
They murdered them all, I'm the last one 
I issue the call, revenge for my mom, 
I pray to you Crom! 

Crush your enemies, 
See them driven before you, 
And hear the lamentation of the women. 

Music and Lyrics by Jon and Al Kaplan.


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